Monday, October 15, 2007

Tuesdays With Morrie - Discussion Question 4

Morrie and Mitch discuss: people wanting to be noticed, dependency and envy, offering others what you have to give, marriage (Mitch brings his wife to see Morrie). What do these topics tell you about our society? How does our culture affect our views on these subjects? Using examples to support your explanation, what changes do you think should be made to our society (if any) and how can they be brought about?


Kyle said...

These topics tell you that in society it is not easy to show some of these emotions and do what is always right. It is hard to see what is right in our society today. People sometimes are selfish, and usually can’t depend on themselves to do things. Sometimes people are also afraid to show love, like Morrie’s father. He never tucked more in or said I love you. Morrie from that day on said, he would never treat his kids like that. Morrie believes everyone must experience marriage because if you don’t, you are missing out on a big thing in life. Everyone must find a loved one to understand how good it feels to have someone there for you no matter what. Culture effects are views because everyone see’s it in a different way. Morrie mentions that some changes that should be made are people should make a culture that they want. No matter what race you are, everyone is alike and people have to realize that. Also, people should start finding what they really are inside.

Prof Riotto said...

Who in society has the power to define the "rules of conduct" or how we should act? How does one get this power? How do celebrities influence society?