Monday, October 15, 2007

The Pact - Discussion Question 4

Discuss at length and with details the obstacles presented in these sections. Explain and use examples from the novel. Did the characters overcome them? If yes, how did they overcome them? If no, what prevented them from doing so?


Nikki said...

As far as obstacles go, I guess we can really start with Rameck since he was the main one getting thrown off track alot. Rameck had lost his temper earlier in the chapters and that caused him to risk expoltion from the school. Thankfully the students mother gave Rameck another chance. he also got into other misdemeanors but after reading the book Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys he had a different outlook on himself also with the help of Bill, from the babershop.
Sam didnt face any obstacles throughout the chapters and I can only link George to the hole of "stardom." Rameck had beliefs that him and George could make it far in the rap game and tried to put medical school on hold. George eventually gave Rameck a wake up call, which he needs very often. One last obstacle that could have broken the Pact was Rameck and his first love Kay. He had fallen head over hills for her and after their break up he thought the only way to get her back was to put off that busy doctors life and settle down and become a teacher. Good thing Kay made it clear there would never be a "them" again and Rameck was forced to stick with the Pact. So basically Rameck is probably the only one who actually was presented with obstacles that would get in the way of his and their dreams.

keyon diggs said...

when it comes to hurtals and side tracks i will also started wth rameck. do to the temper problem he developed n school. but over all rameck was finallly able to calm down when he learned how to control his self and his anger.

then their was sam who really didnt have any mayjor issues in this chapter. but gerorge on the other hand was pat the blame do to the fact that he had rameck this they were going to be rapers. wich pushed medical school to the back of the bus. then eventully gerorge understood that they were not going to be rappers then rameck cought on. then he almost destoyed the pact again with whole falling in love thing that had him thinking he couldnt do both.


KASIE said...

Out of all the boys Rameck in my opinion had the most obstacles to overcome. Sure, George and Sam had little hurdles to get over but out of all of them Rameck had the most problems. In previous chapters Rameck had a history of having a bad temper. He even came close to getting kicked out of Seton Hall when he hit a "white boy" just because he wouldnt move out of the hallway. Rameck thought he had to prove himself in front of his boys and acted totally unacceptable. There was also a time when Rameck stole a textbook from the school bookstore because he had run out of money, and because he didnt get caught the first time he figured that he can do it again and this time steal a sweatshirt from the bookstore. He wasnt as lucky. The bookstore clerk knew he had done something wrong and Rameck took off running and he hid in a friends room. Eventually Rameck realized that he was going to have to make a change for the better. But at a booksale his freshman year he came across the book Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys and after reading that book he got inspired and decided that he needed to make a change for the better. Even thought it was hard at first and he still got into fights he succeeded and overcame his problems and that made him the man he is today.

Perk said...

In this novel the three young go through a lot of conflicts that overwhelmed them but they always found a way to overcome these difficult times. Out of the three main characters Rameck seemed to be the that wasn't upholding his end of the bargaing to the pact that they established. After all that hard work in the summer program and actually getting accepted into an unversity. Rameck would start to ruin his credibility by stealing and gettin into fist fights with follow students.
Then he this inspiring book called the "Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys" that inspired him in a positive way. If Rameck didn't have George and Sam he would have quit medical school and end up on the cold and unforgiven streets. So they had to whip him into shape on many occasions, and they did. They knew if they wanted to succeed they all would have to want it. That is way they are still successful because they stuck together.

Prof Riotto said...

Would you say that Rameck was getting in the way of his own education? Was he placing the obstacles there for another reason? Why might it be important to have goals? How often should those goals be re-evaluated?

Marlyn said...

Rameck was presented with many obstacles. One of them was his bad temper which was getting in the way of succeeding in medical school. Because of his temper he almost got kicked out of Seton hall. He picked a fight with another student just to prove how tough he is. Luckily the school gave him another chance. Yet, as if almost getting kicked out of medical school wasn’t enough. He decided to steal again from the school’s book store while he was still in probation. This got him almost caught by the clerk. That last incident made Rameck realize that he needed to change his life. He thought about his friends from home how none of the have been to college and most of them were in jail.
He began to act different. He stooped stealing and even got a second job to help buy his books. He also realized that he didn’t need to act so cool, and tried hard to control his temper. However, what really made Rameck change was a book he read by Jawanza Kunjufu. He was inspired by the book and immediately wanted to help. He came up with an idea to start a mentoring program for kids in poor neighborhood. He talked about it with Sam and George and they began working on this program to help such kids.
However these weren’t Rameck’s last obstacles. There was a time when he was willing to skip medical school to pursue a career as a rapper. Luckily, George was there to bring him back to reality and made him realized that he had a secure career as a doctor.

EAZE said...

In the pact many of the obstacles stood in the way of the boys. They still made it through but for one of the boys the obstacles were tougher. This was rameck he had the toughest time in school. there was a time that he struck a white boy in the hallway becuase he thought it would be cool to his friends and there was another time that he was broke so he stole a book.

He hada anger problem and was going down the wrong path in skool unitl he came across a book that pretty much changed his life. It wasnt only the book it was also he friends that helped him get through the obstacles. yes i would say he was gettin in the way of his own goas and they in a way should have been re-evaulated. but in the long run he eventually got over that hurdle or that obstacle in his way of making it.

NiCk said...

Obstacles in these sections were very important. Rameck is the one out of all of the boys who is getting side tracked and who is falling into obstacles the most. Remeck is one who has this horrible temper which is not good to have at all being in the neighborhood that is he in. Also being a school system such as his a temper is something that needs to be overcame. Being in school a boy of color hitting another student being white was a huge problem. This would almost lead to him getting expelled from Seton Hall. While being in school he also stole things such as books money etc. All this is not good at all for a man of his status today but he obviously overcame it all to be who is he is now and how successful he is today.

Muna said...

In the chapter two of the three boys experience obstacles in there way. This obstacles had a great impact on their futures and pact.
Rameck had the biggest obstacle in his way. Rameck got into a fight that almost lead to being expelled. He was lucky that they didn't press charges and kick him off campus. Sam didn't really have a problem, but george had thoghts on becoming a rapper. It sounded go to George, because he felt he could do it. As his thoughts got bigger he started to think more realisticly. This also could of destroyed their pact. Good thing George dropped the idea a countinued his long time goal. If they want the pact two work, rameck has to stay out of trouble. His the only one still acting immature, and not behaving.