Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Kite Runner - Discussion # 3

Discuss Amir and Hassan's relationship. Why is Amir afraid to be Hassan's true friend? Why does he constantly test Hassan's loyalty? Why does he resent Hassan? After the kite running contest, why does Amir no longer want to be Hassan's friend?


martha said...

Amir and Hassan basically grew up together, they were even breast fed from the same woman. Hassan's first word was Amir's name. In the beginning chapters, they would always hangout and Amir would read stories or make them up and tell them to Hassan. They would do many other things together as well. Amir did not always act nice toward Hassan. He was never thankful for all the things that Hassan did for me such as preparing his breakfast, ironing his clothes and getting his school books ready.
Amir is afraid to be Hassan's true friend because of what the other kids in the neighborhood might think of him especially Assef. Also because of his father, Baba. Amir gets sort of jealous when his dad shows affection towards Hassan. Amir wants his father for himself. When Hassan is getting beat up by Assef, Amir just closed his eyes.
Amir is constantly testing Hassan's loyalty to see if he would do something bad back. For example when Amir asked Hassan if he wanted to listen to a story, so they went to their usual spot and instead Amir began throwing pomeagranates at him and Hassan didnt do anything back. Amir called him a coward and yelled at him for not doing anything.
Amir resents Hassan because he is getting in the way of his relationship with his father. Baba is always wanting to include Hassan in things and making sure that he is doing ok.
After the kite running contest, Amir no longer wants to be Hassan's friend because of the guilt he feels inside of himself for not doing anything or telling anybody of what Assef and his friends did to Hassan. Amir could not keep sleep one night because he kept thinking about what happened and that he knew about the whole thing and was going to get away with it.

Safa said...

To me Amir is the kind of person that is effected by what people say. I believe that he does not want to be Hassans true friend because he is afraid of the reaction of the other kids. Amir nis also afraid that the kids will beat him like Assef almost did.
Amir constantly tests Hassans loyalty because he himself is not a true loyal friend. Hassan to Amir is the perfect friend so if Hassan at any point proves to be disloyal Amir might find that as an excuse to his disloyalty.
Amir resents Hassan because Baba does not at any point show more love toward Amir than he does toward Hassan. Another reason would be because Hassan always defends Amir which shows that Amir can not defend himself. The fact that Hassan is more of the son Baba wanted than Amir is makes Amir very jealous.
After the kite runner race Amir no longer wants to be Hassans friend because he knows that Hassan was beaten by Assef because he refused to give him the blue kite, which he caught for Amir. And also because he was a coward and did not help Hassan fight the three boys.

Denise Persaud said...

Amir is ashamed to call Hassan his friend. although they grew up together and always play together, that never changes the fact that hassan is Amir's servant. That is why Amir is always testing Hassans loyalty. he does not understand how hassan can be a servant to him but be such a good person and friend. Amir is resentful of Hassan because Baba is always trying to include Hassan in activities. Amir wants to strengthen his relationshiop with his father and thinks that Hassan is getting in the way of that. After the kite running contest amir no longer wants to be hassans friend because hassan gets raped by another boy and amir sees the whole thing happen but doesnt do or say anything about it.

David said...

As you read this book. You begin to realize what kind of a person Amir is more and more. Amir is a very self conciouse guy who cares what other people see him as. Especially his father. Although Hassan was Amir's a great friend (due to Hassan's unending loyalty)Amir was unable to accept him for numerous reasons. First off he cared what other kids his "class" thought of him. Even when Amir witnesses Assef raping Hassan, a person who has shown him nothing but pure loyalty, he couldn't get himself to help him. Instead all he could do was run away. I mean what kind of a loser would help a low servent like kid like Hassan? Even if he has done so many good deeds for him?

Also, by now it is clear of Amir's almost obsessive yearning for his father's attention and love. However, all Amir see's is Hassan getting the better treatment or even oh i dare say.. equal treatment as him! oh wow! That would most obviously mean that Baba loves Hassan more than Amir right? Well I believe that is what Amir thinks anyway.

Drilona said...

Amir and Hassan are two best friends that have spent all their life together. They had seen each other grow up. They were even breast fed from the same woman. Most of the day they would spend together playing and reading at their usual spot. Amir is a very strange character. Based on chapter s seven - nine I disliked his character. He proved himself that he is not a true friend, while he didn’t stand up for Hassan. When Assef and his friends were beating Hassan up Amir just closed his eyes and run away, Amir didn’t really appreciate the fact that Hassan sacrificed himself for the blue kite that he has promised him. I think Amir doesn’t want to be Hassans best friend because he thinks that he is much smarted than him and he also thinks that other boys in neighborhood would laugh at him for being best friends with a servant "WITH A HAZARA". Many times Amir tests Hassans loyalty because he wants to know how much he loves and respects him. For example, up in the hill when Amir was trying to cause a fight between him and Hassan by throwing pomegranates at him. Hassan didn’t say a word or didn’t even stand up for himself.
Amir resents Hassan because he is always between him and his father. Baba wants to include Hassan in everything they do, even when they went for vacation with their cousins Baba wanted to take Hassan as well.
After the tournament Amir doesn’t want to associate with Hassan because he feels guilty for not protecting him from Assef and his friends. He feels that is his fault for everything that happens to Hassan even though he never apologies him. He also asks his father if he would ever change his servants, upsetting his father very much.

Dave DeLuca said...

Amir and Hassan have been friends since they were born. They were considered to be brothers b.c they were fed from the same woman. Hassan has always admired Amir, he can read and he gets to go to school, and he can read to him. Sometimes Amir would make fun of Hassan b.c he didnt know a word in the story or didnt understand. Later on in the book Hassan makes good points about Amirs stories and he gets angry inside, he gets angry at the fact that he doesnt even go to school and he is trying to help him with his writing.
He tries to test Hassans loyalty all the time, hes been loyal even when Amir hadnt asked him, esp when they saw assef on the hill and he stood up for amir. but in our current reading he goes to the tree to read a story. he starts to throw promgranantes at him, he wants him to fight back but he doesnt. i believe he does this almost to try to get him to stand up for himself b.c he didnt in the alley with assef in his friends.
Amir resents hassan b.c i think he feels that he steals Baba from him. everytime amir wants to be with baba, baba always wants hassan to come along. that makes amir angry b.c he just wants his father all to himself.
after the kite running comp. amir doesnt want to be hassans friend b.c i think hes just to scared to admitt that a hazzara is his true friend. it causes alot of problems with ppl, because he is his servant and his best friend and ppl kind of question why he would be friends with hassan. after what happens in the alley way amir watches it happen and he doesnt stand up for hassan and he runs away. he gets mad at hassan for no reason and he tries to make it look like hassan stole something from him to have him n ali leave the family. i think amir is just ashamed of himself for not standing up for hassan b.c he doesnt want ppl to know that they are true friends.

Oleg said...

Amir and Hassan grew up like brothers all their life. However Amir is constantly jealous of Baba liking Hassan more than him. Amir si afraid to be Hassan's true friend, because everywhere they go together people make fun of them, because Hassan is hazara. Amir is scared to admit Hassan for who he is, he is embarassed of him in public places. Hassan on the other hand, always protects Amir and proves his loyalty to him many times. For example, when they were approached by Assef and his friends, Hasan was the one who shot his slingshot into Assef's eye. Hassan does many great things for Amir, but amit never realizes that. Amir is sellfish and only worries about being Baba's favorite.
Amir resents Hassan because he is afraid of loosing Baba's admiration. Amir is worrying that Baba will like Hassan more and that Amir's realtionship with baba will only become worse. Amir wants to prove to Baba that he can win the Kite Running tournment and gain Baba's trust more. Hassan helps Amir to build the kite for the tournment, and he assists him in guiding the kite also. Hassan also tries to take the last, blue kite for Amir. He sacrifices himself for Amir, and he get beaten up and raped by Assef and his friends. After the tournment, Amir doesnt want to be friends with Hassan, because Hassan reminds him he's a traitor. Amir cannot stop thinking that that day when Hassan got raped and beaten up, Amir could have helped him, but instead he chose to run away. Also, after the torunment Amir gained Baba's trust and now Amir has nothing to worry about his realtionship with Baba. Basically Amir just used Hassan to win the torunment and he never even thanked him. He never explained to Hassan why he started to ignore him and why he refused to play with him. At the end, Amir told his Baba that Hassan stole hiw birthday presents. That is another example of Amir being a traitor, cuel and sellfish towards Hassan.