Sunday, October 7, 2007

Lovely Bones - Discussion # 3

Rape is one of the most alienating experiences imaginable. Susie's rape ends in murder and changes her family and friends forever. Alienation is transferred, in a sense, to Susie's parents and siblings. How does each family member experience loneliness and isolation after her death?


Adam said...

well when she died her parents didnt know who killed her, or wat happened to her. so they went into a depression. they wouldnt want to see anyone, and they would feel the same ever again. as for lindsey, everyone would look at her and think oh its the dead girls sister. so why would she want to talk to any of them. she was separated from the world. the world didnt feel what she was feeling. so she didnt care.

Hannah said...

Rape in my eyes is one of the scariest things that could ever happen to anyone. Having Susie die after being rapped was horrible for her parents to endure. Knowing that they weren't there to protect her. Her father is feeling lonely because Susie and her dad had a strong bonding relationship, and he misses everything that they used to do. Her mother is now going into a depression and is missing her other daughter. Her little brother is missing his big sister the one that saved him when he was choking, the one that was one of his best friends. Susies sister lindsy is just feeling alinated all together at school and towards her family for not keeping her up to date. The whole family is alienated because they are the people who lost their daughter. No one knows how to act around them or what to say, its a hard situation.

Stephanie said...

Each family member has experienced loneliness and isolation in thier own ways. I agree with Hannah that her father is feeling lonely because he and Susie had a strong relationship. But he is also being isolated because he is trying to solve her murder and there is no one that is really able to help him solve it. I also agree with Adam and Hannah that the mother is feeling isolated after losing her daughter causing her to become depressed. I also agree with them that Lindsey is feel isolated because everyone looks at her as the dead girls sister and everyone feels sorry for her. Buckley is not isolated as much as the rest of the family but people still look at him like he is the bother of the girl that died. He misses his sister but I think he is dealing with the death a little bit better than everyone else.