Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Campus Death Article (TWM groups) Disc 6

On our campus (MSU), how prevalent are drugs and alcohol? Should anything be changed? Did the article change your feelings about drinking/drugs on campus? Why or why not? Explain. Do you have any similar experiences to those in the article?

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Kyle said...

On our campus at MSU, I am not too sure if there are a lot of drugs because I stay away from that. I would never hang out with students that do drugs, knowing that I be may pressured and maybe experience with it. I think that if students are caught doing drugs they should be suspended immediately. The article did change my feelings with drinking because I do not want to die due to drinking like other students have. In my town, a few kids have died from doing drugs, as well as drinking and driving. It is a horrible thing for these young kids to die because they made a common mistake which teens usually do. Drinking and driving has taken the lives of many people I knew, and I told myself that I would never make that mistake.