Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lovely Bones - Disc 6

In Lovely Bones, adult relationships are dysfunctional and troubled, while the relationships of younger people seem to have depth, maturity, and potential. Is this a naïve view young love? Or do the younger characters in the book have and advantage over the adults?


Stephanie said...

I think the younger characters in the book do have a naive view on love but I also think they have an advantage over the adults because of this. The younger character like Lindsey do things without worring about the consequences of their actions and the decisions they make tend not to hurt anyone. While the adults think about what will make them happy and do not worry about the others they could hurt. For younger characters a lot of this is new and exciting to them, while the adults have been in their relationships for a while and are looking for something new.

Hannah said...

I agree that the younger people in the books do have a niave look at love. When you are younger you want things so fast and you will do anything to get them. When you are young and niave you jump into things because you want to experience things. The only very good thing about this is because younger people do not dwell on things as much. Adults like Susies parents have been together for so long that having something new in their life is good, people get bored. WHen you are young like Stephanie said you have everything new right there in front of you and you have a good time with life and move on. As you get older though you know all the thrills are over almost so they dwell on things more.