Monday, September 17, 2007

Tuesdays With Morrie - Discussion Question 1

Describe what you know about Morrie and Mitch so far. Include: their relationship - now and then; Morrie's reaction to discovering he had ALS and its effect on his physical and mental health; what events led to their resuming their friendship.

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Kyle said...

In Tuesdays With Morrie, Mitch is a very easy going guy. He seems as if most of the time is he upset, and he doesn’t enjoy life too much. He mentions that he writes for a paper in the city and that he makes a good living. He mentioned that he has a wife and lives in a nice home. Mitch seems as if he just slides threw life and never does anything different. He’s just a normal guy.
Morrie on the other hand is just full of energy, always talking and loving life. Morrie was a teacher and loved to be around his students. It seems as if he was one of those teachers that were always there to listen if you had a problem, and gave the best advice.
Morrie found out that he had ALS, and it caused his body to slowly die, first stopping him from walking. It was like a lit candle, it slowly burned away, taking a part of your body slowly. Mitch and Morrie met up again sixteen years after Mitch graduated. Mitch and Morrie were close when Morrie was his teacher. Mitch would call him coach all the time and Morrie would joke back. Mitch found out Morrie had ALS when he saw Morrie on the ABC-TV “Nightline”, where Morrie talked about him dying. Mitch and Morrie met up once again when Mitch visited him at his home. Morrie was in a wheel chair at this time and could not walk. They started to catch up on old times when they met up.