Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The reason that i chose the book the PACT was because it was dealing about 3 doctors in the town around my area where I live. So it made me want to be interested because you really never read stories about things that are happening around you. It was kind of cool to me. I also love doctors and scary things like that. It kind of intrigues me to want to read more. I also really dont enjoy reading and my mother told me that I was going to love the book. She was sujrprised that I was going to read it.


keyon diggs said...

i chose the pact because its about three doctor from my home town. which made me very interrested. because i knew that i can relate to them because i grow up in the same harsh conditions that they grew up in and times didnt get better so we were in the same boat and they did what i trying to do right know

Nikki said...

The Pact like others replied kind of relates to an enviorment I'm used to. When I heard three doctors in Newark immediately I knew I would find it easy to go along with the message they were trying to get across. I'm quite familiar with the setting and streets in the book and excited to read the book.