Monday, September 17, 2007

Lovely Bones - Discussion Question # 1

The novel's opening is a brief passage about how a snow globe that Suzie observed as a child. What is the significance of this beginning? Is Suzie's heaven a blessing or a curse? Explain.


Hannah said...

The main reason why I decided on lovely bones was because I brought the book to school with me so i wouldn't have to go out and buy another book. But on the plus side i started reading this book last year and i never got to really get into it because i had so much work, and the first few chapters were really interesting, and it seems like a really good book. It is a little weird, and scary but I think it will be a good read and really touching to the heart.

Hannah said...

lerThe snow globe had huge significants to the beginning of the Chapter. The snow globe is foreshadowing the fact that since the penguin is alone in the snow globe, in its perfect world, it is showing that that is how Susie is in her world. Once Susie died, she went to heaven where everything was perfect in her world, and she was alone but she got things that she wanted. But, not everything that she wanted.

When asked if Susie's heaven is a blessing or a curse it is both in my eyes. It is a blessing in the way were she is not living the life she wants to anymore, but she is granted to get what ever she wants if she wishes for it hard enough. She lives in her own little utopia. The only negative thing, or a curse about this situation is that everything that susie wants is dangling infront of her face, except for all the things that she really wants. For Mr. Harvey to be dead, and to be with her family. The little stuff is just keeping her occupied until she remebers everything that she really wants. Being able to have almost everything you want can be a blessing and a curse.

Stephanie said...

I agree with what Hannah said about the snow globe foreshadowing Susie being in her perfect world. I also think that the snow globe was foreshadowing how Susie will be viewing the world. With a snow globe you are only able to look at the things inside, you can not effect the contents inside. Susie can only look at the world, she can no longer change what happens, just like the snow globe. The snow globe foreshadowed what heaven would be like for Susie.
I also believe that Susie's heaven is a blessing and a curse. She may have all the things that she ever wanted in her heaven, a blessing. But she is not with all the people she wants to be with, a curse. She is able to watch everything that is going on, on earth and she knows everthing that happened, which can be considered a blessing. But, she is not able to help them solve the mystery of her death and she only able to sit and watch while everything unfolds, making this a curse. She also has a friend and a motherly figure in heaven, but they do not replace her friends and mother on earth.

sami said...

Pretty much Hannah and Stephanie have the same opinion i do. After discussing it together in class, Susie can relate to the penguin in the sense that they are both alone in their own perfect world. Susie created her own heaven in the way she imagined it would be getting almost everything she wanted. But the one thing that she wants to have but can't is her life back and killing the man that murdered her.

I believe that Susie's heaven is both a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing in the sense that she is able to create the way she lives and is able to get whatever she wishes. The curse of this situation is the fact that she can't be with her family and look out for her younger sister. Also the fact that she has to watch Mr. Harvey live his life like he did nothing wrong when he should be dead.