Monday, September 17, 2007

The Pact - Discussion Question # 1

Describe the main characters. Of the three, who do you most relate to? Explain.


Prof Riotto said...

Describe the main characters. Of the three, who do you most relate to? Explain.

Darlene ! said...

The thre main characters in the book are George, Sam, and Rameck they are three very talented individuals who wish to succeed in life. Not only did they all basically grow up in the same town of Newark. Thy are also entering the same highschool known as University High foe their eigth grade year. All three characters are growing up in a very harsh environment. They are poor and have to struggle with no electicity or heat at times. However, they all share the same goal which is to make it and become educated in life.
I definetly relate to Georg the most out of all three of them bcause i feel he was the one with the less problems. He still grew up around the drug and murder, but didnt have as intense of problems as having parents as drug addicts like his other two friends. I was not raised in such a hard community or was not poor. On the other hand, my parnts were born in the Dominican Republic where poverty was not a strangger. They too also went through times with no
heat, or electricity and had to struggle through the hardships. In a way, my family is my connection to these young boys.

amanda said...

The three main characters in this book are George Sam and Rameck they are both very smart and intelligent boys from Newark, New jersey. All three of these boys took a test for a High School and achieved very well and are all going together. They all started out living in the projects and it was very tuff for them. There parents mostly all had problems and it was very difficult for them to get by. I feel like I can relate the most to George. I feel like he has the least problems with in his family but he still has some. Every family has their ups and downs I just feel like his family is a little stronger then the other two boys families.

Garry said...

The three main characters in the book are George, Sam and Rameck. each of the boys went through different difficulties as children. All the boys once lived in projects that were surrounded by bad neighborhoods. The boys could have let the drugs and violence affect them however, with strong will they all were able to overcome it. In addition, they were all pretty smart. George we saw was very interetsed in being a dentist. Sam would always ask him mom questions about signs and what they meant in life and Rameck as a child was always able to recieve high grades with little effort. He even got such a high score on a test that he got into the plainfield school system for the gifted and talented. I feel like i can relate to two of the characters. First george because despite living in a project he ended up moving to a nice safe area. i can relate to that bc. i also lived in a nice town where there where is not much crime. The 2nd character i can relate to is Rameck. As a child he got good grades easily without much effort and when he got a C his mom considered that a failure. I also had an easy time in elemenatry school and my mom also believed a C wasnt good. she would deal with it once or twice but if i brought them home consistently i was in deep trouble.

KASIE said...

The three characters in The Pact were Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, and Rameck Hunt. The three men were all born and raised in Newark, New Jersey, which is not too far from where I live. They grew up in tough neighborhoods where it was sometimes hard to stay out of trouble. The three men struggled and dealt with problems that arised within their families and homes and most of the time it was the problem with having a parent as a drug addict , or just not having enough money to pay the bills. There were some points where their families wouldnt even have electricity. Throughout all the difficulties the 3 men all hope to achieve success in life. Of the 3 boys the one I relate to the most is George. Of the 3, George was the one with the least amount of problems. I can definately agree with Darlene's blog on the way her family somewhat dealt with difficult circumstances. My parents were also from the Dominican Republic and my mom always reminds me of how grateful I should be because when she was younger their were times when she had to share a bed with 5 of her siblings and how my grandmother couldnt afford to buy her children all new clothes so the girls had to all share a shirt or two that my grandmother bought them, and most of my mothers siblings had to leave school in order to work and help my grandparents with the household. In this sense i feel that this is one way I can relate to George, and if not all of the men because at one point my parents were in these circumstances.

keyon diggs said...

The main characters of the pact are George ,sam, and Rameck.
three men from newark who had dreams of gettin out they didnt want to live like everyone else they wanted different lives for their selves. their was george who wantd to become a dentist ever since he went their and became interested in that profession.

then their was sam who was very good and in deed interrested in baseball. That was his dream and thats was what he wanted for his self. Also there was Ramic who had the most problems and the most to get away from and of all he wantd was to be a actor.
the main charicter that i can relate to the most is george who had the harsh life but tried to stay as far away as he could. thats why we connect because i to had the hard life but i chose a different path. i chose to get away from it all

Keyon Diggs

NiCk said...

The main characters in the book so far are very interesting people an you can easily relate to them for the life we have now growing up. Pretty much they all grow up in the same area an life the hard life some more then others. Most poor an don't have the necessities that we have but they all pull through an fight through the rough times. Even though the three boys don't have everything that we have growing up they are very smart an work it out to get where they need to be.
George is the one that i can relate to the most. He was the one who grew up an didn't have to many problems in his life but he still lived around it an learned to avoid it or overcome it. I also had a teacher like the one he had that took him on all those field trips. My parents were always there to support me an we always had a nice place to live an grow up in.

EAZE said...
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EAZE said...

the main characthers are george sam and rameck. they are 3 boys growing up in the ghetto part of Newark and tryin to make it as doctors. They struggle with life as they all go to university high school and some with drug additced parents. They battle with their life of ghettoness and poverty to become very well known and educated doctors.

I can relate to sam the most beacuse being a boys from newark myself and being interested in a sport like he was to baseball and i am to ffotball. I kno that can all change and i and easily follow a diffrent carrer path just like he did. Hopefully it is a successful career path just like his.

Nikki said...

Three main characters in the Pact is George, Sam and Rameck. Each character is rather different even though they all grow up in the same area. George is the somewhat quiet guy that either sticks to himself or says whats up and walks away. He was in a bad neighborhood but stayed away from the court house. Sam and Rameck seem as though they may find it easy to feed into the peer pressure or just do things because there is always a negative outlook Rameck seems like he has it the worst.If i had to relate to any of these characters it would be George. I felt like i moved to a bad neighborhood but i got the chance to attend Glen Ridge High. My friends all went off to their high school in East Orange. He was kind of protected from the dangers in the lot.

Perk said...

The three main characters in this book all come similar backgrounds. Sam, Remack, and George grew up in Newark. They all some kind of conflict in their past. They crossed paths with each other in high school. They all had one common goal and that was to recieve an education.
Out of the three characters I can relate to George the most because I don't come from a large family. Also I grew up in the same town as George did. Like him I trying to accomplish a goal by gettin a high eduation. Eduation is the key to secess.

Marlyn said...
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Marlyn said...

The main characters are George, Sam, and Rameck and they all grew up in bad areas of Newark where drugs and murders are part of their daily lives. George is the luckiest one because he had so many people who were supportive and told him positive things growing up.
Unlike George, Sam and Rameck didn't run with the same luck. Sometimes they went without food and heat because their guardians couldn't afford to pay bills or buy food.

Sam's parent's were always fighting, which wasn't healthy for little Sam. He grew up in a house with people that didn't value life. For example, his brother Kenny, who he worshipped became a drunk. His sister Fellease, who he felt he was the closest with was was a drug abuser.

Poor Rameck, he had it the worst. Both of his parents were drug addicts. His father was in and out of jail and his mom was always moving him around.
However, despite all the hard things they were going through growing up they always managed to excel in class.

I think the only way I can think I related to them is because I also grew up without a father and my mom went through difficult times too to support three girls.