Monday, November 5, 2007

Disc 7 Article - TWM Group

Given the option, would you take an online course? Compare AND contrast the benefits and the liabilities of such a course.

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Kyle said...

If I was given the option I would not take an online course. First reason, I know I would be lazy and not do my studying for it. I am very lazy and I need motivation to do work or participate in class. The reason why I come to class is because I will fail if I don’t. Second reason, I can’t learn on my own, I need someone to teach me. I have always been bad on studying on my own; I always needed someone to explain the information more clearly to me. The third reason is I know I would not learn from an online course. I feel that learning from a website will not make me feel as if I learned something. I feel the only way to learn, is the traditional way, which is when the student is taught by a human being.