Monday, November 12, 2007

Lovely Bones - Discussion Question # 8

In heaven, Susie moves through different stages of dealing with her death and its aftermath. What forms does her progress take? Why is she not allowed to meet Mr. Harvey’s other victims right away? How does Susie’s journey mirror that of the people she has left behind on Earth?

What is the significance of the novel’s title? What does Susie mean when she refers to the “lovely bones” (page 320)?


Stephanie said...

There were many different forms of Susie's heaven. In the beginning Susie spend most of her time in heaven watching her friends and family. She also spent a lot of her time with Franny and Holly. After a while she stopped spending time with Franny and Holly and began meeting new people in heaven. She met one of Mr. Harvey's victims and she also met up with her grandfather. She also stopped spending a lot of her watching her family and friends. I think Susie is not allowed to meet Mr. Harvey's victims right away because she was not ready to met them since she was still getting over what happened to her. Susie's journey mirrors that of the people on earth because as she stopped spending most of her time watching her friends and family, they stopped spending most of their time thinking about Susie and what happened to her. This significance of the novels title is that the family has grow since Susie's death, just like someone's bones would that are grow. They grow together and form one lovely body. This is also what I think Susie refers to when she talks about the "lovely bones".

Hannah said...

There were many stages that Susie had to go through in her heaven. In the beginning as Stephanie said she spent almost all of her time watching her family. Then as she grew in her heaven she was able to meet other people, when she showed that she was getting stronger, and sort of getting over her death, she was able to meet other victims that were in the same situation as susie. She was able to meet Mr. Harveys victims and she learned about these girls. Susie would try to entertain herself so that she would not be obsessed with watching her family, try to make her self happy to get over the grief. That is also what her family did, they tried to get the hurt off their mind and they acted like susie did. As she grew so did her family on earth. Together they grew and learned from the situation that each of them were put in. They learned that there was no changing what happened but move on and to never forget. The bones that susie left behind are always there but instead of making like negative it became positive. They were the Lovely bones that kept their life happy.