Monday, November 5, 2007

LB - Disc 7

What is the significance of Ray and Susie’s lovemaking (via Ruth) for Susie? For Ruth? For Ray? Is it difficult to make this leap of faith with Susie? What do you think the importance of this episode is in the book?

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Hannah said...

This scene in the book was very werid. Truthfully im not sure why the author put this scene in. The love making between them is differnet because it was more passionate. Ray was definitly making a leap of faith because how are you supposed to believe that someone dead is now in someone elses body. Besides that though Ray loved Susie so it made him more passionate with her and it was like they were having actual conact. When Ruth loves susie it is all in her thoughts, there is no contact like Susie and Ray Had. Susie decided to have sexual contact and to love, when you love someone and have sex its differnt then a casual hook up. That is how i feel about this part of the book

Stephanie said...

I think it this part of the book is significant for Susie because she is getting to see Ray for one last time and this time she knows that it is for the last time. For Ruth it is significant because she believes that the dead have a certain contact with the living and she is able to allow Susie to contact Ray one more time. For Ray it is significant because he has always loved Susie and he was able to see her one more time. I agree with Hannah that Ray was making a leap of faith with Susie because he is not able to know for sure that it was Susie. I think it is important because they are able to see each other for one last time and they are able to tell each other anything that they were not able to say before she died.